How to measure the height of a mountain using trigonometry?

In this lesson, you can learn to calculate the height of a mountain without any climbing on the mountain. It is very simple and easy. First of all, you want to find only two measuring instruments for this experiment. They are theodolite and any an instrument for measure the distance. Continue reading

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How can i add html text box to WordPress and do the calculation with javascript easily

This is the easiest way to add HTML and text boxes to the WordPress and any calculation with javascript or with any. It is very easy and comfortable. Here you don’t want to install any plugins for the javascript on your site. That is a very special chance. And we can easily change textbox size. Not only that, it has so many facilities. Please follow the following steps to do that. Continue reading

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How can I solve the maths equations quickly

These calculations may help you to solve big calculations. Following are the most used equations which help you to solve any big mathematical equations. Continue reading

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How we can hear the sound and task of the ear.

We consider the ear as presser transducer because the ear can convert the energy of sound waves into electrical energy. You can learn here how does the ear work with sounds waves. The ear is divided into three part as the following. Continue reading

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Here’s Why You Should Attend Induction Heating Technology.

Induction heating technology is of choice in many industrials such as domestic and medical applications due to its advantages such as less heating time, localized heating, direct heating and good efficient energy consumption. The operating principle of induction heating is based on the law of the Electromagnetic Induction Discovered by scientist Michael Faraday in 1831.

There are two major components of an induction heating system that generates heat.

  1. A coil of wire (often a copper coil) producing a time-varying magnetic field upon receiving a high-frequency alternating current.
  2. Electrically conducting material

Continue reading

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