An important message for the elimination of Covid

When the coronavirus enters our nose, the virus stays behind the paranasal sinuses for 3 to 4 days. The virus then reaches your lungs. Then you will have difficulty breathing. It makes you unable to breathe. This virus hidden behind the paranasal sinus must be destroyed. It can be done by inhaling steam. At 50 C, the virus becomes inactive. At 60 C, the virus weakens and can fight off any human immune system.

At 70 C, the virus is completely destroyed and dies. Covid-19 can eliminate the coronavirus by inhaling vapors through the nose and mouth. Inhaling the vapors for a week can quickly end the epidemic. Start inhaling steam 5 minutes a week, morning and evening, for a week. You share this with all your people.

Inhale the steam six times a day. Drink hot water instead of cool water.

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